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This post is only a reminder for me on “how to change Hostname in Linux”. Since I play a lot with VMWARE, and I already have the Linux OS template, so  i don’t have to do linux installation all the time whenever i need to do new Oracle installation, just change the hostname and ip address and those Linux OS template is ready to use.

Mostly i used VMWARE for any known oracle technology, such as database, OEM grid Control, RAC Database, Oracle DB with Dataguard, Oracle Application Server single and cluster, OID, and many others. But the most important thing, this virtualization thing is a great place for researching and testing before applying new technology or patchset to the real world.

This post is only a summary from this site : http://www.cpqlinux.com/hostname.html, so if you need to read the detail you can click that link.

and here is the summary:

  1. Checking Linux Hostname: uname -n, hostname -a
  2. Configure /etc/hosts
  3. Setting hostname using “hostname” command : hostname mybox.mydomain.com
  4. Checking /etc/sysconfig/network
  5. Checking /proc/sys/kernel/hostname

this is just a note for my short memory that can’t remember a lot of think at once and save a lot of time than have to search all the time when need it. So enjoy it 🙂