My friend, i will show you how to backup Cisco IOS via TFTP. and this is the step. (please read this first before you asking me again 😀 )

Note : for TFTP application, i suggest you search the application via google. it should be abundant result in there and absolutely free.

Backup IOS to PC :

1. Activate the TFTP application on your PC

2. go to your Router console, you can access it via telnet or any other application that you like.

3. on the router type : sh flash, this command will show you the name and version of your IOS in your Router.

4. then type flash: tftp: then enter on the router console .

5. on the dialog that follow do like this :

Source filename []? <filename that is showing by sh flash command>

Address or name of remote host []? <your computer Ip Address where tftp application is running>
Destination filename [default]? <just enter if you want to save it in it’s default name>

and finish, the file will be sent to your pc right away.

just don’t forget to do this when you buy another new router with new configuration my friend.

as for copying IOS from PC to IOS what you have to do is changing the command tftp: flash:

but do be careful, you must have a knowledge and extra careful to do this, if not you will lose everything :D.

see you…